How Gucci Got Started

Gucci was founded as a saddlery shop in 1906 by Guccio Gucci (1881), a craftsmans offspring. The house of Gucci was initially founded in Florence. Guccio Gucci had an excellent talent for leather craftsmanship. Gucci started by selling bags made of leather to horsemen in early 1920s and graduated to making and selling leather luggage as the clients moved on from horses to cars. 1938 saw the opening of Guccis first retail outlet on Via Condotti in Rome.

1947 saw the beginning of the Gucci tradition taking shape in form of bamboo handled leather bag that became the Gucci icon. 1950s saw the development of trademark red webbing, borrowed form the roots the saddle girth. This turned out to be the emblem of Gucci after some time.

Early 1950s saw many firsts for Gucci luggage, shoes, handbags with bamboo handles and ties. Guccio Gucci died in 1953 leaving the business in the hands of his capable family who made sure the business grew leaps and bounds. Gucci opened new stores in London, Paris, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. Gucci brand shot to fame due to its endorsement by Hollywood stars like Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. The Jackie O with Jacqueline Kennedy and the Gucci handbag helped the brand Gucci rise to greater heights.
The recent past saw some turmoil in the Gucci family with the business changing hands. However, this was short lived and Gucci went back to its past glory with Tom Ford at the helm. The 199s saw Gucci diversifying into new products like fashion, colognes, shoes, fashions and fashion accessories.

The ranges of Gucci watches introduced during this period were very unique and carried a style and statement of their own. Owing to rich history and brand value, the Gucci watches were made to perfection and taste. As branded fashion accessories, the price was set at a premium to cater to clients matching the Gucci portfolio.

Many people who know Gucci found that these watches were not affordable. Although their insatiable hunger for Gucci watches remained, they had to wait until replica watches came into vogue. Gucci replica watches are available today for a fraction of the cost of a real Gucci watch.

A Gucci replica watch is available with all features of a real Gucci watch and in exact proportions. They are fully functional and appeal to the taste of many. Even people, who can afford a real Gucci watch, tend to wear replica watches because they feel that such expensive accessories should not be exposed to the hardships of nature. Gucci watches are treasured by their owners and Gucci replica watches more so, since they are used for daily use.

Gucci replica watches are sold by many online stores, but they come as a part of many other replica watches sold from the same store. However, before you buy a replica watch, it is advised that you get to know more about the online stores from Replica watches. This site carries honest reviews on most online replica stores.

Inilah Lima Model Wanita Gemuk Paling Seksi Di Dunia

Menjadi model memang biasanya hanya dilakoni oleh perempuan-perempuan bertubuh langsing bahkan cenderung amat kurus. Namun sekarang agaknya anggapan itu sudah dipatahkan oleh model-model wanita dengan ukuran tubuh besar namun mampu menjadi model-model dunia. Model wanita cantik ini memang memiliki tubuh diluar ukuran rata-rata namun kecantikan dan keseksian mereka tak kalah dengan model wanita langsing yang memang sudah tenah. Lima model wanita cantik ini membuktikan bahwa mereka masih tetap bisa berkiprah di dunia modelling dengan ukuran tubuh plus plus. Baca artikel sebelumnya 10 wanita cantik di dunia tahun 2011 Yuk kita lihat siapa aja Tara Lynn

Melihat fotonya yang cantik dan seksi memang wajar jika Tara Lynn menjadi salah satu model wanita gemuk paling seksi di dunia. Tara Lynn merupakan model plus size yang terkenal lewat cover model majalah Elle Perancis. Lynn membuktikan bahwa tren di dunia model dan fashion bisa berubah dan gemuk itu bisa juga seksi. Barbara Brickner

Model wanita cantik yang memiliki tubuh gemuk ini memang telah menekuni karir di dunia modeling selama lebih dari 10 tahun. Brickner telah banyak dipakai oleh para desainer termasuk sebuah perusahaan Italia, Elena Miro. Tak hanya itu Brickner juga membuka usaha baju hamil sendiri berlabel BB Martenity dan dijual di berbagai department store di Amerika Serikat. Ashley Graham

Melihat wajah cantiknya tak heran jika model wanita cantik bertubuh gemuk ini amat laku untuk menjadi model pakaian dalam. Graham walaupun bertubuh besar namun mampu untuk menunjukkan keseksian tubuhnya.

Christina Mendez

Model wanita cantik dengan ukuran tubuh plus ini membuat sejarah di dunia model dengan menjadi model hispanik bertubuh besar pertama di berbagai kampanye fashion. Siapa yang tak tertarik melihat wajah cantiknya apalagi ia memang seksi walaupun bertubuh besar. Fluvia Lucerda

Kecantikan dan keseksian Model wanita cantik asal Brazil ini memang tak terbantahkan. Ia sebelumnya pernah bekerja sebagai nanny di New York saat seorang editor majalah memintanya untuk menjadi model. Bahkan ia saat ini disebut sebagai Gisele Bundchen versi gemuk.

Sources = model wanita cantik

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Fashion Tips On How To Wear A Saree

Sarees are attires which are inspired by the Indian fashion industry and are becoming famous along the course of time. Indian sarees are getting popular and making their marks in western fashion industry; as there are an increasing number of fashion enthusiasts who covet to don these sarees on possible occasions. One of hand that are people who are trying their hands on this attire, on the other hand there are people who could not drape this attire as they lack information on dos and donts of draping a saree Here are some important points that one should remember while wearing a saree.

Shade to select:

Women who do not enjoy fair or wheatish (paled) skin complexion, must wear sarees which are darker than their complexion. For example, maroon, dark brown, black, dark pink, dark violet etc. This helps the women to look fairer as the darker shades create a contrast between sari and skin complexion.

Material of saris:

Material of a saree is an important factor while buying a saree. Georgette, Chiffon etc are material of sarees which are suitable for women with surplus pounds. Mysore silk saree helps heavier women to look slimmer. For women who are slimmer cotton, Tussar, organza etc are best options as it compliments their body at the best.

Considering Borders:

Border is one of the important features of a saree that adds to the look of the attire. Broader borders make the wearer look shorter; hence, according to your height you should select a saree with appropriate border. If you are very tall then selecting broader border may add to your persona. On the other hand for women with shorter height, it is wise to select any saree with thinner borders.

Prints: Bigger prints when festooned on the saree may be attractive but will look flashy and may overshadow other highlights. On contrary to this smaller prints when designed in attractive textures makes a pretty and attractive appearance.

Pinup essential parts of saree: In order to stay comfortable and keep your hand unengaged in managing the attire, it is better to pinup the pallu (the loose end of the saree) at the shoulder and other necessary parts. It does not only help you stay comfortable but also makes you look smart.

Undergarments: It is essential to wear appropriate undergarments such as brassiere, panties, petticoats etc under your saree. This will help you stay comfy and does not reveal undergarment lines embarrassingly

Petticoat: Sarees are usually supported with a petticoat (inner garment like skirt) which is especially designed to be donned with sarees. It is a bad decision to wear flared petticoat under your saree. The best option is to wear a moderately comfortable petticoat which will not influence the look of your saree.

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Online Fashion Design For Beginners

If you’ve always wanted to get involved in fashion design but never really knew where to start, there are many websites that will give you tips, tricks, ideas and even platforms in which to practice and come up with ideas on your own. Anyone can take pen to paper and come up with fashion design but online fashion design will let you know what’s in style nowadays and it will have you up and running like a pro in no time. All you need to do is find one or a few websites, which will let you practice online fashion design. You never know, with enough practice you could be the next runway fashion designer making clothes for highly paid fashion models with your name in lights.

Finding Sites To Work With

If you use your favorite search engine, you should have no problem finding online fashion design websites. Some may ask you to pay a membership fee while others may be free. You may want to practice with the free ones first just to make sure you like it and to see if you have a knack for it before you shell out big bucks on a high priced online fashion design website. Some of the free sites allow you to shop for fashion online as well and that’s how they pay for their sites so look around and you’re sure to find a site that works for you.

How It Works

Online fashion design makes designing clothes easy. You’ll usually start with a virtual model and then you can search through various styles of clothing to dress that model. The great thing about online fashion design is that you use your mouse to add or remove clothing whenever you want to. If something doesn’t work, simply click the mouse and it’s gone. Add this or that and you’ll soon find something that works.

Once You Get Better

Most online fashion design websites want to see the work you’ve used. They will sometimes post styles and fashions from users just like yourself. When you find something that really works, show it off with the other users on that site. You never know when someone will see it and will want to see more of what you can do. This could be how you are discovered as an online fashion designer. If nothing else, you’ll get better at online fashion design and you’ll find a hobby you really excel in and have a lot of fun with.

MAC COSMETICS—Frank Toskan Frank Angelo

MAC makeups, was found by the Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo,which is the fashion

brand popular around the globle.Angelo first started at his kitchen table with the help of his high school chemistry book. With Victor

Casale, his chemist brother-in-law, he blended a few new colors. One year later, Toskan formed a partnership with Frank Angelo, a veteran

entrepreneur (previous owner of a chain of beauty salons). At first they were turned down by banks, they had to mortgage everything in

order to get the company going. Today, MAC cosmetics are one of the highest demand cosmetic line available. MACCOSMETICSELL offers discount

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Over the last 10 years, MAC cosmetics has introduced 160

shades of lipsticks in 7 different finishes, 150 eye shadows, 60 blushes and hair care.Now available in more than 180 locations around the

world, M.A.C. continues to grown on the integrity of its products and the strength of its commitment to the community.

By far the best

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Fashion Updates From Fashion Networking Sites

The most appropriate way to get latest useful fashion updates is the fashion networking sites.

Do you love fashion and in search for an easy way to get fashion trend updates? In case yes, then you certainly have the best option with you and that is fashion networking sites. In case you have not heard about these sites then you might be confused on what these sites are. These websites have come a long way, are very famous and many people use it. The fashion network websites are definitely the best sites because they attract many visitors towards your work and creation. What else does a new bee fashion designer need?

If you are a new bee fashion designer, then you are definitely at gain if you choose these fashion networking sites. You can put up for sale your creation as well as designs. By uploading the pictures of your creation on the social networking site you can win a lot of appreciations and thus this can convert to sales. You might even get tips from the renowned fashion designer. This might prove to be good for you as you can improve your creations with the tips. There are a number of people that would share their views with you about your creations and that would help you know where you stand. This will certainly be very helpful to you as a fashion designer. The main reason behind this is that this will help you know what people like. These things are those that can be enjoyed only after registering at the fashion social networking sites and registering on such website is certainly not a difficult task.

There are some details you should now while you are registering at the fashion networking sites. After you fill the membership form of the site with a few basic details then you become a member. Isn’t it so simple? You can get the right latest updates related to the fashion industry on the fashion social networking sites. There are some people who rely on these websites to sell their designs and also there are many people who buy trend clothing and accessories from these sites. You can not only sell fashion clothing as well as accessories on these sites but also share fashion tips. People certainly appreciate these tips and follow it.

At the time you are in search of the fashion networking sites, make certain that you follow a few tips. This is because you put in basic information about yourself and thus you need to be sure that it is safe and secured enough. You of course need to choose the best, reputed as secure website that will do some good to your designs.

Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene

Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene Haster underwear is one underwear fashion brand that was introduced in the year 2009 and since then, this Polish company has carved out a place for itself, differing from all other brands with their simple but sophisticated selection of underwear styles and the use of environmentally friendly and high quality materials and fabrics used to give maximum comfort to the wearer! The various articles of clothing manufactured and produced by the brand include boxer brief underwear, g string underwear, brief underwear, long underwear, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc. The boxer brief underwear of Haster is sold in two varieties of materials and fabrics used- 100% cotton and 100% microfiber or supplex. The general shades of men?s underwear from Haster are shades of grey, black and white. The main features that are noticeable in all varieties of Haster underwear is the fact that it is seamless, offering non stretch support, free moving flexibility and flawless comfort. The materials used for Haster underwear deserve special mention! The material supplex helps you stay dry and cool as the process of drying is faster than ordinary cotton. However, the feel is just like cotton. In fact, they do not shrink or crease and their colours stay intact despite repeated washing. Their full breathability, fast drying nature and ability to hold shape make them a popular choice as sportswear. Some of Haster underwear is thermo-active, which gives high functionality and makes you feel good even in the harshest situations and weather. The material helps in transferring moisture and sweat away from your skin effectively and helps the skin stay dry! The microfiber used stays long-lasting, fresh and hygienic due to the fact that it has been treated with sanitised antimicrobial treatment, which helps in the prevention of bacterial growth and helps you stay fresh even after a long hard day full of vigorous activities. It is also lightweight, soft as well as quick drying. Haster underwear offers the best fit and resists deformation, helping you to provide the best and most comfortable fit that flatters your physique. Haster underwear is very durable and does not provide any uncomfortable chafing, thereby improving your performance in the field! To take a good look at the entire range of Haster underwear, visit us at Deal by Ethan today!

Primo Vapor Disposable E

TheVaporillo’s Smokin’ Cuban Disposable Digital Cigar is the premier alternative E-Cigar for any traditional smoker! This Electronic Cigar is a timeless original. It’s modern, innovative model will remind you of your favourite 7? Corona fashion cigar. It has a calmly candy, yet rich and balanced Cuban Cigar flavor. The -true leaf’ wrapper is all the pieces a cigar wrapper should be. Our patented -Actual Really feel Comfortable Tip Filter- makes for essentially the most real digital cigar experience in the marketplace! eliquid This is because cigars adapt to their environment, absorbing their environment like a sponge. If they’re stored in an in poor health-suited environment, they are going to age to be sick-suited cigars , disappointing both their parents and the one who bought them. On the flip side, nevertheless, is the truth that if cigars are positioned in a well-suited surroundings, they will age to grow to be properly-fitted to even the most seasoned connoisseur. The electronic cigarette adverts push the identical themes as old cigarette advertisements: sophistication, freedom, equality and individualism, stated Timothy de Waal Malefyt, a visiting affiliate professor at Fordham University’s business college and former promoting govt. e cigs As you know or may not know, cigars eat oxygen and emit gases into the air. It’s due to this fact extraordinarily vital that cigar humidors are recurrently aerated in order to provide the cigars inside with fresh air. Cigar humidors should close actually tightly in order that a constant level of inner humidity might be secured and more importantly maintained. Whereas the embargo resulted in American exporters dropping an estimated 1.2 billion, the Cuban authorities misplaced much more; the embargo value them roughly 70 billion. Nevertheless, this loss did not hit Cuba with the drive intended; the Soviet Union, supplying Cuba with subsidies, shielded the blow. disposable electronic cigarettes Cigars were introduced there by an army common named Israel Putnam, in the late 18th century. It is stated that he discovered them in Cuba, after the Revolutionary warfare and loved them a lot that he brought them back with him to the United States. The primary cigar manufacturing unit within the United States was established in Connecticut, close to his hometown of Hartford. There are a number of limitations on advertising. Firms can’t tout e-cigarettes as cease-smoking aids, unless they want to be regulated by the FDA underneath stricter guidelines for drug-delivery devices. But many are sold as -cigarette alternatives.-

Your cigar smells unhealthy: When issues smell dangerous, they usually style unhealthy; these two senses just kind of go hand in hand. Because of this, smelling a cigar earlier than lighting it is a good method to forestall a foul smoking expertise. When you discover something off concerning the odor – it smells stale, moldy, or simply plain awful – chances are the cigar will be a foul smoke. It is a nice trick to make use of earlier than purchasing particular stogies: listening to your nose can forestall you from spending money on a cigar not worth buying.

Onesie Pyjamas Making A Return To Fashion

Up until the late 1800s, most men wore nightshirts to bed. India came up with the concept of cotton “pajamas” which involved both top and bottoms to sleep in, and soon caught on in London and other major cities in Europe.

Over time, there have been a number of advancements and innovations with pyjamas. Different materials such as fleece and flannel have come into prominence, along with tie waist, pockets and even bum flap! One of the most interesting advances in the night clothing industry has been onesie pyjamas or full body pyjamas as they are also known.

Onesies were invented in the 1950s but not as normal adult pyjamas. They were made by the Gerber company as tshirts for babies that fasten under the crotch. But the name “onesies” is now synonymous with full body pjs for people of all ages.

Adult onesies are popular for older people who like snug fitting night attire that keeps them warm and cosy, especially during the cold winter months. They usually come footed and some styles also have a hoodie and a bum flap, which lets you go to the bathroom without needing to strip right down!

Up until recently, adult onesie pyjamas have been considered a bit “nerdy” or “lame” and the negative connotations have prevented the garment from becoming a hugely popular bedding option. However over the last decade, its mainstream popularity has increased significantly and the item is now considered cool by many.

I believe the Teletubbies movement went a long way in putting onesies back on the radar, but I doubt they helped with the coolness factor. Although Tinky Winky deserves mad props if you ask me! Another prominent television star sporting a onesie is Wilfred, the talking dog that has become a huge success in both America and Australia. His non-pc attitude and hilarious antics have generated him cult status and broken the adult onesies back into the mainstream.

Recently, Brad Pitt was photographed in his very own onesies, which further proves that the attire is well and truly in trend. As Hollywood stars and more prominent people are shown to have this type of bed clothing, it will undoubtedly make them even more popular. Sales in Australia have increased significantly in the past couple of years, a trend that is probably
similar in America, England and other big economies.

They are a versatile item that not only looks fun but is very practical. Full body adult pyjamas are great as a gift to a friend or partner and good to buy yourself. I have friends that work from home and actually sit around the house during the day in their onesies. Maybe casual Friday in the offices will start to see a few appearances of onesie pyjamas. One can only hope!