Churidar Fashion

Churidar-kameez is an emerging style in the Indian fashion industry. The popularity of churidars is growing day by day as women increasingly club it with kurtas and kameez to create a style statement of their own. They form a perfect ensemble to be worn for at formal occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays etc; . and casual events as well. Churidars are a lot different from the famous Indian loose bottomwear, salwars. Churidars are much tighter and formly as compared to salwars and could be considered as the Indian version of skinny jeans.

Churidar-pajama is a different kind of Indian bottomwear. It is a draw string style pant which is tight fitting with a few inches margin for leg movement. Loose around the waist, it narrows down towards the heels. Churidar gets its name from the word choori meaning bangles. The portion around the heels is characterised with gathers to give a ruched look to give it the appropriate effect.

Clubbed with different types of kurta styles, a churidar-pajama can do wonders to your personality. The tops you can club them with vary from kameez kurta, long shirts, Kurtis, and frocks. The simplest way of wearing a churidar-pajama is by pairing it with a kurti. On playing with colours, patterns and styles you can create a very elegant outfit for yourself Kurtis of different styles, either formal or funky, look great when worn with churidar-pajamas. Further accessorizing them with styilish bags, bangles and loop earrings gives the wearer a classy look.

Another style of wearing Curidar is by pairing it with Pishwas, the eastern frock. It gives a very traditional and chic look. Since, the pishwas is a baggy kurta wearing it with the tight fitting churidar-pajama complements your body structure. This attire is perfect for formal parties and weddings. The style has been around for years but has recently got the lime light it deserves.

Churidar-pajamas are an old style, only packed in a new box. With the designer trend of reviving old fashion, churidar-pajamas have got a new look all together. Women increasingly are turning to this fashion and are adopting it for daily wear. Three main reasons back the popularity of churidar-pajamas-style, versatility and comfort.

Churidar-pajamas can add style and grace to any kurta you want to team it up with. The proper fitting of the pajama enhances your figure. Moreover, a churidar-pajama is right for any body type. The versatility of the outfit is well proven by its ability to pair with any kurta or kameez you want. You also have the option of adorning a stole or just stride away without one. Churidar-pajamas may be the desi version of skinny jeans, but they are absolutely comfortable to be in for a long time. This comfort quotient has encouraged women to adopt churidar-pajamas in their daily wear.

Today you can also avail tights that look like churidar-pajamas but are made of a different fabric. These are a lot more comfortable as the material is flexible and soft compared to the traditional style of churidar-pants. Churidar-kameez can be bought online as well. Leading merchants display their collection online. This makes it easy for you to purchase the outfit from the comforts of your home.

Here Is Why Fashion Boots Are Still In Fashion

We wear number of unique things and we buy them with great attention. If your clothes are giving you the sense of looking good and they are fit properly then the purpose of wearing the best things has fulfilled. In the same situation if we talk about fashion boots, they should have been adequate. You should feel good and they will give you the sense of something new and being in fashion. In fashion boots wild calf boots are very popular but their purchasing in the common situation is not possible and nearly you can say it is impossible to find them especially in some retail locations. There are some elements behind this problem and you may have to face difficulty in purchasing them. Don’t worry now there are large number of fashion shoes in the market and the most amazing thing is that you can have them online. They are easily available and one can purchase them after place their order.

We know this thing very well that in today’s world in wearing there is nothing famous like women’s fashion boots and there is not any alternative for them. They can be the part and parcel of your clothing and you will feel proud after wearing them. There are many designs and they being launched every year continuously because of the huge demand from the customers.

We can see this thing that markets are stuffed with these fashion boots and people are now more willing to buy them as compare to the others decade. The material of these shoes are very special like faux feather and croco which are said to be as men -made materials. These types of material will give you the shining look and better appearance.

There are also waterproof fashion boots available in the market and other continuous change are also being done in the shoes. They are being manufactured with the help of latest technology and skilled workers are spending their time for making these shoes more attractive and durable for the customer. These are all the reasons, that’s why people have become more conscious about the purchasing of fashion boots.

There is now time for you to buy them and experience the greatest difference. Now all things are clear and opposite to you. These boots are very popular especially among women and they wear them with great choice. These shoes increase the beauty of them and this thing is not wrong. We can see this thing with our very eyes that fashion boots add beauty to women.

Korean Japanese Fashion Stylish Leggings Showing Coquettish Glamour Of Your Legs

Korean Japanese fashion stylish leggings showing coquettish glamour of your legs

This summer, if you are still planning to wear Japanese fashion pants or cowboy pants or patent leather pants, you will be thought to out of fashion! Due to the popular of summer dress, close designers have designed various leggings with popular images for you. Next lets have a look what kinds of leggings will be popular in this summer!

Vintage flowers leggings
Royal princess style leggings, meanwhile is Vintage, matching with princess dress or child interest dress is very suitable, and this kind of legging is less outside!

Royal princess style leggings
Actually the summer really lets you feel embarrassed, wearing Korean fashion long pants is too hot; wear pantyhose, cling to the skin, is hotter; don’t wear leggings, afraid of suntan, so choosing a piece of leggings both good look and easy-match is a not easy thing, this royal princess style legging above is worth to recommend, absolutely easy-match, absolutely character!

Perspective lace silk leggings
In this super hot lace element has already extended its claws reach to each field, of course leggings is no exception. Perspective lace silk leggings is not only vintage but also sexy, is very suitable for fashion trends followers like you.

Champagne color leopard print leggings

Champagne is an elegant color tonal, matching with good taste leopard print, a piece of high grade leggings is designed, this kind of color leggings is suitable for matching darker color dress!

Tie-dye leggings

Last year Tie-dye element is very popular, this year is continued popular by adding more popular color. Last year gradient fresh color is the main color, and this cool color series cloud-shaped pattern is most popular, the above design is very suitable for neutral dressed people! Just recommend! Low-key gorgeous!

Zebra print leggings

There are a lot of classic image, such as wave point, stripe and leopard print etc, just fashion is always changing. And zebra print is also a classic pattern. Zebra grain legging appears wild, suits those bold and unrestrained people!

The pop art legging

Since the pop art was popular as a kind of vintage element, fashion industrys love to pop pattern grow more and more. Designed in legging, it really lets your legs is full of mysterious, but when carefully looking at those lines, really feel a bit dazzling!

Star pattern legging

Popular elements cannot be without star pattern, Star pattern has super strong inclusiveness, both young girls and middle-aged females can wear it, no on will think you are acting young.

Mandarin duck color graffiti legging

If you like being traitorous, if you like breaking regulation, then the Mandarin duck color legging will suit you well, show people your different legs, with child interest graffiti pattern, really let people cannot help stare at you one more time!

History Of Tennis Wear Following The Fashion Trend

Through the years, people have become more daring in the way they dress?so have sports outfits such as tennis clothing items. It’s interesting to trace the roots of tennis clothes and how they evolved over the past years.
Men’s Apparel
The earliest tennis clothes for men were made up of cardigans or sweater vests, shirts, and long flannel pants. In the 1930s, male tennis players changed their tennis outfits by tossing out flannel pants in favor of shorts. British tennis player Henry “Bunny” Austin holds the distinction of being the first top tennis player to wear white shorts in a tennis match. Since then, the standard fashion in terms of men’s apparel included white shorts and pants. However, they were replaced by brightly colored lycra shorts. Some tennis players opted for blue denim shorts or loose shorts instead of the longer lycra shorts.
Fast forward to 2005?the time when men’s tennis clothes started to keep pace with the boldness of modern tennis attire for women. In several tennis competitions, one can see male players sport Capri pants and tight-fitting lycra tops that reveal their muscular chests and abs. Modern tennis clothes for men also saw changes in terms of color. Quite a good number of men’s apparel come in feminine colors such as hot pink.
Women’s Apparel
The history of tennis clothes for women is quite similar to that of men. Women started to join tennis games in the 1860s. During that time, female tennis players wore modest clothing made of heavy materials such as serge or flannel. Tennis attire for women in the early days of tennis include corsets with high-collared blouses and neckties, long bustle skirts (sometimes with fur), and skimmer hats.
However, the fashion trend changed when Maud Watson won the Wimbledon Ladies’ Lawn Tennis Championship in 1884. Watson, the first woman Wimbledon champion, wore a white, long, bustled two-piece dress at that competition, popularizing the white tennis attire. Women realized that white was the best color for tennis clothes because it didn’t reveal as much sweat stains as other colors. This started the so-called tennis whites that have dominated the tennis scene for many years.
Bustles, corsets, and hats ceased to be common fashion items in tennis between 1903 and 1914. After the First World War, it was French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen who set the tennis fashion trend. Lenglen wore a daring calf-length, short-sleeved cotton attire with white stockings under her skirt. The French tennis icon experimented with her sports apparel by wearing colorful silk chiffon, a headband, and shiny white stockings. Her ‘revolutionary’ tennis attire caused a stir on the tennis court as spectators were used to the modest, and toned down attire of female tennis players.
In the 1920s, renowned American tennis player Helen Wills Moody become a trendsetter in female tennis attire because of her school-type sleeveless white blouse and pleated skirt with a fashionable eyeshades. She also added a lambswool cardigan on her apparel on cold days.
The post-World War II period saw women tennis players wearing apparel that made playing tennis easier and more comfortable. The apparel consisted of short-sleeved shirts, shorts or skirts, and caps.
In 1949, Gertrude Moran shocked tennis enthusiasts when she wore lace-trimmed panties beneath her white tennis dress. This started the bold fashion trend of tennis apparel that continues up to this day.

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