Churidar Fashion

Churidar-kameez is an emerging style in the Indian fashion industry. The popularity of churidars is growing day by day as women increasingly club it with kurtas and kameez to create a style statement of their own. They form a perfect ensemble to be worn for at formal occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays etc; . and casual events as well. Churidars are a lot different from the famous Indian loose bottomwear, salwars. Churidars are much tighter and formly as compared to salwars and could be considered as the Indian version of skinny jeans.

Churidar-pajama is a different kind of Indian bottomwear. It is a draw string style pant which is tight fitting with a few inches margin for leg movement. Loose around the waist, it narrows down towards the heels. Churidar gets its name from the word choori meaning bangles. The portion around the heels is characterised with gathers to give a ruched look to give it the appropriate effect.

Clubbed with different types of kurta styles, a churidar-pajama can do wonders to your personality. The tops you can club them with vary from kameez kurta, long shirts, Kurtis, and frocks. The simplest way of wearing a churidar-pajama is by pairing it with a kurti. On playing with colours, patterns and styles you can create a very elegant outfit for yourself Kurtis of different styles, either formal or funky, look great when worn with churidar-pajamas. Further accessorizing them with styilish bags, bangles and loop earrings gives the wearer a classy look.

Another style of wearing Curidar is by pairing it with Pishwas, the eastern frock. It gives a very traditional and chic look. Since, the pishwas is a baggy kurta wearing it with the tight fitting churidar-pajama complements your body structure. This attire is perfect for formal parties and weddings. The style has been around for years but has recently got the lime light it deserves.

Churidar-pajamas are an old style, only packed in a new box. With the designer trend of reviving old fashion, churidar-pajamas have got a new look all together. Women increasingly are turning to this fashion and are adopting it for daily wear. Three main reasons back the popularity of churidar-pajamas-style, versatility and comfort.

Churidar-pajamas can add style and grace to any kurta you want to team it up with. The proper fitting of the pajama enhances your figure. Moreover, a churidar-pajama is right for any body type. The versatility of the outfit is well proven by its ability to pair with any kurta or kameez you want. You also have the option of adorning a stole or just stride away without one. Churidar-pajamas may be the desi version of skinny jeans, but they are absolutely comfortable to be in for a long time. This comfort quotient has encouraged women to adopt churidar-pajamas in their daily wear.

Today you can also avail tights that look like churidar-pajamas but are made of a different fabric. These are a lot more comfortable as the material is flexible and soft compared to the traditional style of churidar-pants. Churidar-kameez can be bought online as well. Leading merchants display their collection online. This makes it easy for you to purchase the outfit from the comforts of your home.