Outfits With Riding Boots

The fall season is almost here and its time to see what designers recommend us to wear in the upcoming period. Judging by their large presence, the riding boots are the most used items of the 2011 fall. It is their versatility that has inspired fashion designers to create numerous feminine looks, so you should definitely have one such pair of boots in your wardrobe.

Fashion stylists advise women who want to purchase a durable, yet fashionable pair of riding boots at accessible prices to visit the special equestrian stores. These shops have numerous boot models made out of genuine leather, so you can choose the ones that you like. The prices are less expensive in comparison with the regular fashion stores because these stores are more interested in supporting sports than making money.

If you want to create a sexy casual look using riding boots, you can match a short dress, a leather jacket and a pair of stockings with mid-calf boots. Over the knee boots are very appreciated at present and they are usually used with very short skirts to make this rather sexy and trashy outfit look more relaxed and preppy. Make sure the over-the-knee boots have low heels in order to avoid being too extravagant.

Riding boots work just as well with skinny jeans because you can wear the boots over the pants just like horse riders. The most recommended combinations are the ones with long sleeve stretch tops. For a more cowboy-like look you may replace the regular top with a short or long cowboy shirt. Fur jackets and vests are back in fashion, so you can safely combine them with riding boots and skinny jeans. We guarantee you that these items will make you look like a Hollywood star.

Riding boots are not just fashionable; they are incredibly practical because they keep your feet warm and dry throughout the entire rainy season. You may in fact use them in the winter period, too, because they have lug soles which prevent you from slipping on ice. Thus, you can save a lot of money with this footwear because you won’t need to buy but one pair of boots for the cold season.

If you don’t have a nearby equestrian store you may visit some of their online shops and order the model that interests you. The shop assistants will deliver you the packages in a day or two and they will make sure that you receive the model that you’ve ordered.