Rise of Muslim Fashion ware

Islam since emerging as a new religion in 610 A.D( when The Holy Prophet(p.b.u.h) started its preaching) has gone on to become one the most important part of the world. It is estimated that about 2.2 billion people follow Islam and its teachings. It is one of the centre talking points in The World. Muslims have always been one of the major forces in almost every field of work. Whether you talk in relation to education or knowledge, they have made a lot of contributions. In fact the pillars for science and mathematics were laid by Muslim scientists. Ibne Seena, Abu-Al-Nasar, Abu-Ali-Hasan are some names worth to be mentioned. Or you talk about discoveries or inventions, Muslim scientists have always contributed. Correspondingly, the field of fashion is no stranger to Muslims. Though Islami Fashion never gained much popularity until recent years, it is now one of the leading breed of fashion nowadays. The most expensive dress in the world was released on March 19 and attracted worldwide media coverage. Debbie Wingham’s diamond studded abbaya is the talk of Hollywood at $17m. Different designers such as Hermes, Aramis, Estee Lauder are the latest in-line of those who are inspired by the Arabaian fashion and now targeting Muslim market of Gulf countries and the South Asia. This market has now become a source of making money thanks to the years of steady acceptance and the growing support from the top fashion designers and fashion icons. Not only Muslims are interested in buying the new breed of clothes which is not only in accordance with Islamic teachings but also very vibrant and eye-catching but also those westerners who wants a change in their wardrobe. According to a study conducted by Tamara Hostel about 1.6 billion of Muslim population sped around 120 million dollars on modest clothing each year. The top line brands such as Gucci and Hermes are also trying to break into the Muslim markets. This is because the economical condition of people in the gulf is far better than the condition of people in Europe and that the investment in Arab and Muslim market will earn them the revenue needed to cover up the losses made in Europe and North America. One of the main attentions in Muslim Fashion-ware is the Designer’s Abaya. It is a long robe like clothes usually comes in black confronted with naqaab to cover the head and the face. It is now coming in really elegant way as more and more designers are trying to make an impact in the market. One can expect really sizzling outfit in the coming months.