Career In Fashion Design

Fashion Design is meant for people good at creativity, making others watch you and others to follow your way then going to a fashion design school, getting a fashion marketing education, or attending a fashion design college is the right path for you. Find advantages, eligibility, skills and aptitude required, fee suggestions and career prospectus of fashion design education in India.

Fashion Design is a source which shows you to develop your ideas and extensive research. Combination of experts(lectures) in fashion and design workshops training is fashion design education. Fashion Design has rapidly spread its architecture in India, presently this course is available in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. In coming few years say two to three this course will be available in each part of the country.


Easier way for upcoming fashion designers, the government as well as privately funded institutions have introduced comprehensive courses. In past five years India has seen lot of fashion design Institutes popular and huge amount of students joined fashion design as a serious degree.

Eligibility of Fashion Design in India

Performance in entrance exam
For undergraduate programs – 10+2 with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board of education
For postgraduate program a bachelor’s degree in a specific field
Having a portfolio of sketches, drawings and other artistic creations help

Skills and Aptitude

Originality, creativity, an eye for detail and understanding of clothes and fashion
Knack for combining the right color shades, textures and fabrics to to bring to life one’s imagination
Knowledge of fabrics, the way they draping, material, weaving styles, color and design
Basic tailoring skills
Good communication skills
Fashion consciousness
Market awareness and awareness of the consumer’s preferences

Fee Suggestions

Like most vocational courses, a degree in fashion too is expensive. Educational loans are an option for those who aren’t able to afford it on their own, personal loans are also a viable option to finance one’s education though they come with a higher rate of interest.

Career Prospects

Fashion Designing is a demanding profession. The long working hours during college only prepare one for the long working hours as professional. And one should remember that Fashion Designing is not only limited to designing clothes. Fashion design in fact includes a vast gamut of professions that include Jewelry or accessory designing. Most designers start by apprenticing with an established fashion designer or a fashion house or look for employment in an export or manufacturing unit. Others freelance from a HIME studio or boutique and develop their own labels. Career options can include any of the following –

* Fashion marketing
* Merchandising
* fashion design production
* Costume design
* Personal stylist
* Technical designer
* Production pattern maker
* Cutting assistant
* Fashion coordinator
* Apparel production manager
* Fabric buyer
* Fabric quality control manager
* Sales representative
* Fashion journalism
* Fashion photography

Fashion Designing a career aspect, students should not have a doubt about joining Top fashion design institutes.

Exciting Careers In Global Fashion Management

Fashion Management has emerged as one of the most rewarding careers in the recent years. Graduates with business acumen, an understanding of fashion and with good communication skills can achieve phenomenal success in the field. Read on to know when you can take up the course in fashion management and what will your areas of expertise be.

It is that time of the year again when the higher education sector sees a lot of hectic activity. Careers are planned and lives are given shape as students graduate and sign up for further studies. Those with a creative streak in them look for appropriate post graduate level courses in the numerous fashion institutes spread across the country, from New Delhi to Mumbai. The students must know that the fashion industry specialization which is absolutely necessary to succeed in the realm of merchandizing is- fashion management. After doing a Fashion Management course at the post graduate level, students can explore a range of career opportunities within the Fashion business sector. Students will smoothly make the transition to being a professional while gaining a deep understanding of the global fashion industry.

Studying fashion management will train the students to cope up with and get ahead in the vibrant and challenging fashion business environment. Students will get the unique chance to merge their earlier learning with creative streak and interpersonal skills to gain entry into the industry at a higher level. In other words, the career itself will begin at a higher level as a merchandiser. A good Fashion Management Program can train you well enough to be a fashion export merchandiser in a years time. You will learn at the hands of expert teachers how to take the right decisions, accomplish accurate costing and manage merchandising functions required by the top fashion brands.

The reputed institutes offering a fashion management program create a course structure which will make the students aware of and even gain expertise in areas of the fashion industry they may have been unaware of. So, if you sign up for such a course be prepared to gain expansive knowledge of the fashion industry, learn every nuance of the trade so that you will be able to become a successful fashion merchandiser. You will become a thorough fashion professional by gaining a more integrated and global perspective of fashion.

Fashion industry is constantly changing. It is truly fickle- like the art of fashion. That is why as a global fashion merchandiser, you will be required to stay ahead of the changing trends. In order to be able to predict fashion trends and the future growth of the industry, you have to combine your business acumen with creative thinking. This ability to unite business logic and design sensibilities will come after being a part of a fashion management course and learning from the practical experiences of professional guest speakers and fashion expert.

Careers in retail, apparel production, marketing and merchandising, textiles, operations, supply chain management and other areas of the fashion industry await you. All you need to do is ensure that you sign up for a good global fashion management course. As we have explained below, a well-planned course structure and curriculum taught by expert fashion teachers will lead you to polish your skills to serve better as a fashion merchandiser or manager.

If you are looking for such a comprehensive course and a rewarding career, choose the best fashion institute in Delhi. Remember that only the most reputed institutes in the country are able to guide students and offer the right course which will put them way ahead in the path of success.

Fashion Designing Courses

Fashion is about creating a whole new personality. Fashion is about defining contemporary lifestyles. In a way fashion designing is an art of creating and set a life statement. It’s not just simple dressing anymore, but how we live our life. Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative careers of the time. Fashion Designing as a profession has recently emerged as one of the most sought out careers among the young. A career in Fashion Design not only involves meeting glamorous people and interacting with rich and famous but also gives an impetus to the creative flair of the people who possess a sense of style.

Today it is a status symbol to wear garments designed by renowned designers. Because of this, the demand for professional Fashion Designers is on the rise. One who has done a course in Fashion Designing will never be short of work opportunities. One can find employment in a company that manufactures fashion items like buttons, scarves, broaches and hairclips. One can also join as an assistant to a well known Fashion Designer. One can also freelance as a Fashion Designer for a domestic company or an export house. Alternately, one can become self-employed by setting up a designer boutique of ones own. The prospects increase in this field with increase in experience.

For becoming a successful fashion designer certain personality traits are expected to be possessed well in advance. These are like a visual imagination, a sensibility for colour , fabric and style, the ability to work under pressure and as a part of a team, understanding and appreciation of prevalent tastes, customs, traditions, and trends in various strata of society and in the different parts of the country.

Fashion designing courses in India

Fashion Designing Course is a good mix of theoretical inputs and project works. Theoretical inputs are provided on Fashion Studies enabling one to research and assess contemporary fashion issues and interpret design ideas within parameters of practical and commercial design issues. A second module, Cultural Studies, helps one to develop a perspective on socio-cultural influences on design, with special reference to India/ the sub-continent. In the Product Development Module, the focus shifts to the ability to systematically locate, interpret and use a variety of generic and contextual information and technical aspects of materials & processes required for developing a fashion product. Practical projects include producing ones own fashion presentation, networking with external resources and independently developing innovative concepts using appropriate raw materials. There are various courses in fashion designing in which young aspirants can look forward as a career like Costume Designing, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Stylist, Pattern Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Garment Manufacturing, Fashion and Knitwear technology, Embroidery fabric painting and a lot more.

Fashion Designing Institutes India

There are various fashion designing institutes and colleges in India which help in building careers for aspirants in fashion technology. Some of the premier Fashion Designing colleges are:

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
National Institute of Design Paldi, Ahmedabad
Mayura School of Fashion , Trichy Tamil Nadu
School of Fashion Technology , Pune
Fashionista the school of fashion technology, new delhi
Academy of fashion and Art, New Delhi
JD Institute of fashion technology, New Delhi